The Tobago Starter Kit

First of all, come with a big heart - there's a lot to fall in love with.   If you're on a budget that's fine, a little goes a long way  but if you're ready to spend a bit more for top shelf luxury, there's that too.

The only thing we don't have in this idyllic tropical country paradise is snow, so come prepared for everything else.  You can be sunbathing on a sandy beach one minute and snorkeling over the reef the next.

You can pack light, after all, your swimsuit can get you around to most places but pack smart if you intend to try hiking rain forest trails or partying at one of the hip night spots or sit down to fine dining at the critically acclaimed restaurants on island.

Depending on the time of year your Tobago experience can be greatly enhanced by participating in rare and unique activities on the island.  Usually from January to March you can participate in the annual Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, still the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, or you can witness the wonder of rare marine turtles nesting on our beaches.

So basically these are all you'll need: 

  • a big heart (the bigger the better)
  • flip-flops (mandatory)
  • brace yourself for wonderment
  • oh and an understanding boss (you just might end up staying a day or two longer)

You can have everything!

No kidding! From the greatest show on Earth, international concert events, unique dive spots, the oldest rain forest reserve in the western hemisphere to authentic cultural and historic productions and everything in between...

Tobago's got it ALL!

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