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We understand that we reside in an ecosystem that can only remain sustainable if all partners are responsible parties to development.

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The Company

Who We Are

We are a boutique, tourism centric consultancy company, specializing in the development, marketing and operations of  bespoke travel and travel support services.

Our team has a combined 100+ years in diverse fields that coalesces in a multi-perspective approach to design.

We go beyond your expectations!

What We Do

We work toward providing professional consultation services across the public/private sectors, fostering industry linkages through the design of tourism products and the strategic promotion and development of Tobago as a destination, underpinned by continual training toward responsive logistics and agile facilitation, employing innovative tools that adapt to an ever shifting global landscape.

Our Declaration

We remain committed to the development and enrichment of the island and people of Tobago through the rollout of sustainable tourism products that generate ever-increasing tourism visits to the island, creating a platform built upon industry knowledge, market intelligence and a deep passion for what we do.

Party Nation

For those of you who live life to the beat of the rhythm, there are many annually hosted Haute Spot events - Spring Break Tobago (an eight-day festival packed with concerts, street parties, community immersion opportunities and spectacle), Riff (an intimate and exclusive fringe event during Tobago Jazz Experience) and other co-produced events especially at Carnival and summer months.

The festival life and island vibes!